Botega del Vin - Taipei

Botega del Vin, an authentic Italian restaurant located in the heart of Taipei, is run by the Trevisan family, whose experience in the restaurant business spans decades as well as continents.

It all began in 1972 with the family’s first restaurant, “La Fattoria,” which was in the northern Italian village of in Colognola ai Colli, in the province of Verona. This trattoria was located on Tenda hill, surrounded by the famous Soave vineyards.


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It was run by Grandma Candida, Mamma Lucia and Papa Gino.


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Later, those traditional foods and cooking techniques from Italy’s north found their way to Taipei with filio Giorgio (now known as ‘Papà Giò') in 1999. After bringing these skills and delicacies to some of the most famous Italian restaurants in Taiwan, he later realized his dream of having his own place in his new home. Alongside son Andrea and close family friend Matteo, ‘Botega del Vin’ opened its doors in the Spring of 2013.


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The cuisine here is just like that of northern Italy, where great attention is paid to the authenticity and simplicity of the meal.

Botega will transport you to a trattoria in Verona, for an eating experience filled with the scents, flavors, and romantic atmosphere you’d find there.


Your meal begins with mixed appetizers offering a full range of traditional Italian flavors. After that, there is a selection of first course options, from cheese gnocchi to ravioli with ricotta and spinach, as well as a classic tagliatelle with Bolognese or duck sauce and a Carnaroli risotto.


Next up, the main course offerings include beef ribeye, lamb chops, veal scallops cooked with Marsala wine and several daily specials such as pork ribs, osso buco and spring chicken.


Once you’ve finished all that, end your meal with something sweet such as our famous ‘Giorgio’s cheesecake’ or tiramisù.

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